Saved by the Thunder

I got up early this morning and slipped into my tennis shoes and grabbed the beautiful walking stick Dear Hubby gave me for Christmas last year.  I planned to get in a mile before starting the activities of the day.  Charge!!!!

Walking Stick
Braznos Walking Stick

I slipped out the front door and noticed a few sprinkles of rain, but hey – I’m not made of sugar, I can forge ahead, right? 


It took me a few minutes to catch a rhythm with the walking stick, but eventually I was in the groove.  Light sprinkles, but not really wet.

Look – it is so beautiful outdoors in the early morning, even with the overcast sky, and I don’t see  another human anywhere.  No dogs were barking, no birds were singing – and that’s when I heard it.  Yep, you guessed it — THUNDER! 

Oh no!  I am about one-half block from the house, so do I head back or try to tough it out?  Another clap of thunder – okay, let’s go back.

Plans don’t always work out as you intend, but that makes life interesting.

See you on the sidewalk later.DebraJ

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