6 ways to use plastic lunchmeat containers — repurpose

Today I offer a post from a guest writer – Dear Hubby — where he shares some ways to recycle, repurpose, and reorganize.


Do you have any of those plastic lunchmeat containers? You know, the “throw away” tubs. I know you have seen them, have some or have thrown out several. They can be very handy little tubs to have for a variety of things. I use them for many items around the house, hobbies and in the workshop.

They come in a few varieties; some with colorful lids that can be used to “color code” different items as well as the ones with clear lids. The clear ones I have found easy to label with a marker. Just thought I would share a few things with you where I find a handy use for them. This can be a great “repurpose” project. The landfills don’t need them:

Six ways to Re-Use Plastic Lunchmeat Containers

  • · Paint containers for small projects and touch-up.

These small lightweight tubs are very useful for a small amount to paint for baseboards, small projects, touch-up work, etc. I have found jostling around a large can or even a pint can be cumbersome. They also work well for storing small amounts of paint and can easily be labeled for touch ups later. I find it is best for use with latex paints without solvents.

  • · Small Parts Containers.

I once had several coffee cans of small parts in the workshop. You know how it’s hard to throw extra parts away. You may need those parts sometime later. When these parts are stored n a can, you have to open each one to see what is actually inside. These little tubs make it very simple to see the parts right through the container.

6 ways to use containers


  • · Assembly Projects.

I wish I had thought of this a few years ago when the kids were young and I was putting their Christmas gifts together. During those years, I would open a bag of parts, and there seemed to be hundreds, and I would look everywhere to find the one I needed only to find I was missing one and had to search high and low. The tubs solve the problem of keeping the parts together and within reach.

6 ways to use containers.3


  • · Tackle box.

The tubs make an excellent small tackle box. They are great to take the amount of lures, hooks, weights, etc., you need without hauling a large tackle box to your favorite fishing spot. They clean up easily and are durable. Of course, when they do wear out, they are easily replaced.


6 ways to use containers.2

  • · Golf Tees.

I keep a container with nothing but golf tees. The tubs are a good place to store them and keep them from being in every pocket of your golf bag. Also, the tubs are small enough to put it one of the larger zipper pockets.


6 ways to use containers.56 ways to use containers.4

  • · Drawer Organizers.

I have a 2 drawer metal cabinet in my workshop and I use these handy containers to keep things in their correct place. You can use the lids if you wish and the clear ones can be marked. Most of my containers for this purpose do not have the lids on them, but they are a lot cheaper than buying drawer organizers at the store and keeps the drawers cleaner.

These are just a few of my ideas, I am certain there are many uses you can think of for these little pieces of “trash” as well.


Thanks to Dear Hubby for the organizational tips!