With Soup the Heart Grows Fonder – Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear Hubby

I think the men have it a lot easier when it comes to gifts for Valentine’s Day because, let’s face it, the female recipients are a LOT easier to buy for when it comes to a simple little “pretend” holiday like V-Day.

Valentine’s Day is a little tricky when it comes to buying gifts for men.  They aren’t usually quite as touched by flowers or chocolate, or something that smells good.  So what’s a girl to do to show her affection for that special guy?

This year I decided to go with true practicality.  Dear Hubby loves soup, and if we have it around the house he will eat every can, every day, until it is gone.  For that reason, I don’t buy it very much to avoid all the negative things that come  with eating canned food every day.


So this year, I bought him soup.  Yes, that’s right,  soup.  You’ll notice that I did select one of the healthier varieties – Progresso LIGHT.

I also hopped into Dollar Tree to pick up some snazzy decorations to make a pretty presentation.

So, with something in my imagination (which doesn’t always work!), I proceed.


I chose a transparent red bag type wrap (the kind you use to wrap gift baskets) and a heart-shaped mini-balloon and some pretty curly bows.  Okay – the bows are more for me than him since he won’t even notice, but they make me happy.

I realized that I couldn’t just place the cans of soup into the bag as they were or it would look like a sack of soup.  So, I used a piece of cardboard cut a size large enough so that I could sit the four cans of soup in a square.


After that I just bunched up the bag, inserted the balloon on a stick and wrapped the twisty tie around the top.  Oh — and I placed the beautiful bows on, too.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear!


NOTE:  I did not receive any compensation or free products to create this post.  The ideas and opinions were my own.