June 13, 2013



If you like to use a juice machine to create delicious and nutritious juice, check out “Orange with Attitude” for a great combo!

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Orange with Attitude!








June 10, 2013


Summer’s Lemon Meringue Pie

Is there any pie that says “Summer” more than the basic lemon meringue pie?    This is a simple and delicious pie that is made from the most meager ingredients.  Click here for the recipe.









May 22, 2103


Beef Pepper Steak for the Slow Cooker

Crockpots are our friends.  You can load them up and forget about the responsibilities of dinner.  For working folks – dinner is done when you walk in the door.

Check out this recipe for a simple and delicious beef pepper steak.




May 20, 2013

QUICK & Easy Stuffing with Apples & Onions

Looking for a quick way to make a spectacular stuffing side dish to accompany your meal?  Read here










May 9, 2013


Juicing adventures – Roses are Red and so are Beets

For those skeptics out there, the beet juice is actually very subtle and delicious.  Check it out.










May 8, 2013

Cranberry Gravy

This is a universal sauce that can be used to accompany a variety of meat.  So simple, and so good…see recipe here.


The subtle flavors can be changed by using a variety of wine or broth.








May 6, 2013

Carry In Meals

Carry in meals are a a helpful gesture for a lot of  life-changing events.  Check out this one that involves a crockpot.









April 18, 2013


Juicing — It’s Not Easy Being Green

Check out this recipe to see why Green is Good!