I am a Midwestern empty-nester with a full-time job and a burning interest to use the right side of my brain during my free time.  My children are both grown and married and live in another city.  Dear Hubby is often a party to my many hair-brained escapades.

Although I tend to flutter around among the various interests of the moment, I am consistently interested in cooking and love working with recipes.  I have a fascination with kitchen appliances and am always eager to “try” out the latest gadget.  My two favorite tools in the kitchen are the crockpot and the freezer.

I believe it is important for families to come together at meal time, but I know how difficult it is to work and raise a family.  I do believe with a little planning and use of modern appliances, healthy meals at home can be accomplished.

I look forward to sharing some ideas with you.



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