Chicken & Mushroom a la Stroganoff

I found a great deal on mushrooms at Aldi so I bought 3 eight-ounce containers  – after all they were a good price.  Now I am faced with thinking of a way to use them before they go slick in the fridge and at this point I am at a total loss.


I thought something in the crockpot would be a great idea on this cold and snowy day, so I went down to the basement and perused through the freezer and found a package of boneless chicken breasts.  So………….the experiment begins….

Here are are the ingredients I assembled:

3 eight-ounce packages of mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

1.5 lbs boneless chicken breasts

1 can healthy cream of mushroom soup

1 package onion soup mix

1/2 cup white wine

1/4 cup chicken broth (or water or wine)

Sour cream


I washed and patted the chicken breasts dry Chicken Stroganoffand cut them into bite-size pieces.  I drizzled a little olive oil in a nonstick pan and sauted the chicken pieces in the skillet until the were heated on all sides, but not cooked through.

Chicken Stroganoff

I then placed the warmed chicken pieces in the bottom of my large crock pot and placed the fresh sliced mushrooms on top.

Chicken Stroganoff

In a small bowl I combined the mushroom soup, onion soup mix and wine.  I used Moscato wine because (1) it was what I had available open and (2) I like it.  I realize better cooks than me will cringe and anyone with a thimble full of knowledge about wine will object – but hey, I never pretended to be an expert (and this IS an experiment).  Some experiments turn into fabulous results and others turn into big mess (but we won’t discuss those here).

Chicken Stroganoff   Chicken Stroganoff



I poured the soup mixture over the chicken and mushrooms and drizzled the broth over the top for moisture.  The crock pot was set on low and it cooked for about 6 hours.

The smell is great, so I have high hopes.

Cook the noodles according to package direction and toss them with a little olive oil after you drain them.

Stir the sour cream into the chicken mixture just before serving.  Spoon the chicken mixture over the hot buttered noodles.

Chicken Stroganoff

HEALTHY:  I tried to keep the ingredients manageable so it would fit into a healthy eating plan using portion control

FREEZER:  I believe this would freeze well if it was placed in an airtight container prior to adding the sour cream.  After it is thawed, warm and add the sour cream just before serving.

ECONOMY:  This recipe was already fairly inexpensive due to the sale on the mushrooms.  The ingredients create a large portion to serve so the per person cost is low.

a la dinner…..DebraJ


Moscato smelled and tasted great and didn’t offer much in the way of sweetness. It was a little more subtle than some wines — an oak-y Chardonnay would have been a little bolder. It was an acceptable choice, for sure.

Autism United

I tried your recipe for chicken stroganoff on Sunday (yesterday) was awesome. A keeper recipe, family loved it. No leftovers, hubby was sad about that, but I know it is good when they fight over the last in the pan. Thanks so much!

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