The Un-Holiday Roasted Turkey — what a bargain!

Turkey is frequently for sale at reduced rates around the holiday season.  We usually pick one up even if it isn’t the planned entrée because I simply cannot resist the sale.  Recently we hauled the big bird out of the freezer on a Wednesday so it could defrost in the refrigerator until the lazy week-end when we were going to put it into the oven.  It was a cold week-end, so having the oven on for a few hours was a welcome condition.BB_Turkey to roast

I never stuff the turkey.  I think they look gorgeous when they are heartily stuffed, and it certainly makes a delicious stuffing after cooking inside the bird – but I’m too lazy.  Today I gave the bird a good rub down with olive oil and I put  him in a turkey sized baking bag.  I have great luck with those baking bags because they cook the bird a little quicker and there isn’t a need for intermittent basting.  Plus, the clean up is quick, which I appreciate significantly.  Don’t forget to toss a little flour in the bag before you put turkey inside, otherwise you’ll have a mini-explosion in the oven before you are finished.  That will create a mess far greater than you bargained for.

BB_Turkey in a bag

One of the positives about cooking a turkey is the anticipation of all the meals that can be planned around that one fine bird.  We typically have one nice turkey dinner, several sandwiches for lunches, a turkey cheese pie, and we finish it off with a rich turkey stock that eventually morphs into a tasty pot of turkey noodle soup.

Before the turkey is cooked and the first meal has been served, Dear Hubby is already asking if we can have that good Turkey Cheese Pie.  He’s like a dog with a bone – and he never forgets (that!).

According to the National Turkey Federation, turkey is the perfect protein.  It does appear to be high in protein and low in fat. 

So cooking a full turkey doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions.  It can be done anytime and your wallet and your healthy diet will thank you.

Gobble gobble……….DebraJ

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