Movie Marathon– Batman – Part 2

The Dark Knight is the second movie in this series and we began watching it this evening.  We had checked out a copy from the local library, but as it turns out it was so damaged we couldn’t reasonable watch it.  Poo!

Plan B  – go through Roku and rent the streaming version from Amazon.  I love living in this age of technology.

I found this movie to be much better than the first movie (Batman Begins) and Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker was phenomenal.  I also thought Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) was much more refined in this movie.  Maybe he is more comfortable in his role after all his experiences in movie # 1.  Be right back

There were other good supporting actors in this movie, but Heath Ledger’s performance was overpowering.  He was seriously creepy.

Now I am looking forward to the third in this series.

Return later for The Dark Knight Rises – DebraJ

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