The Final Touch to a Redecorated Bathroom

artwork found at MichaelsWe redecorated one of our bathrooms a couple of years ago and I never was quite able to finish because I couldn’t find the last item I wanted to hang on the wall.

When the project was first started, it took me a long time time to decide what to do in that room after I stood on a ladder for many hours with a scraper in one hand and a spray bottle of Dif in the other.  I thought I never would get that ugly outdated wallpaper off the wall, but I finally did.  But once I had it down to clean bare walls — now what?  I am not a genius or even talented at home decor – that would be my daughter.  Those genes must have been a distant throw-back because she didn’t get it from me.

I went through some magazines trying to figure out what I wanted and I finally stumbled across a color combination – flooring, fixtures, wall color,  etc. that suited me.  It was like a light bulb went on when I saw the photo, so from there I was on a mission to find similar floor tiles, similar vanity and sink top, similar paint.  I had this photo taped to the window in that room as I brought home numerous paint samples to find the right shade of purple.

It all went together well and I found a large print to put on the largest wall, but I never found what I wanted to hang over the toilet.  (Side Note:  A friend once told me that a bathroom has a female wall and a male wall.  The artwork across from the toilet is for the ladies, and the artwork over the toilet is for the gentlemen, but I digress….)

While strolling through Michael’s one Saturday afternoon I literally stumbled across the artwork that I thought might be perfect.  I wasn’t even looking for it — it just found me.  And guess what folks — IT WAS ON SALE!  Can this sequence of events get any better?

So the item was purchased and hung on the wall and I can say once and for all that the room is finished!

The struggling designer………..DebraJ

I did not receive compensation or receive any free gifts to create this post.  The ideas and opinions are my own.